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Saturday, October 14, 2006

5 Ways to Deal With ADHD

With an increasing number of our youths suffering ADHD, stress syndromes, unemployment, depression, drug use, crime and higher rates of youth suicide than ever before, today’s parents and teachers are finding their roles more and more difficult.

According to renowned family relationships specialist, Marguerite Clancy, there are no overnight solutions for issues such as ADHD, but there are a few quick things struggling parents can do now to start dealing with it:

1) Get into a routine and stick to it (try to include fun times and laughter)

2) Set up a punching bag or get your child playing a sport

3) Be consistent with discipline and offer rewards where appropriate

4) Use positive language, keep directions short, maintain calm

5) Agree on consequences for behaviour together

“There are many options available to parents and carers. It is important to show love and respect, and to lead by example”, says Marguerite. “There are also many forms of therapy available to help that don’t rely on medication.” For example, she recommends Sandplay Therapy, which is a well established technique for enhancing emotional growth through play. She suggests parents encourage their child to use toys to represent things that are bothering them.

Dolls, action figurines, cars, balls, and even blocks can all be used to represent people, objects, and everyday situations that may be very hard for the child to put into words. “You’d be surprised what problems your child is experiencing – many of them would be things you’d never have even dreamt of”, says Marguerite. “By recognising the significance of imaginary play, you give your child a way to express themselves using a language they’re fluent in.”

According to Marguerite, parents can then talk about these problems with their child. Then if they’re still experiencing problems, they may want to try a punching bag or a sport. “With an easier way to communicate and an outlet for your child’s frustrations, you should find it far easier to figure out how to improve your situation.”

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...and talk and talk and talk and talk...
i tell you- there are some days when i just wanna pack it in entirely!
hey there!
i've started writing damien and my history with his adhd- i just loved your idea with that!
i started with his birth-they're 3 long pieces so far, but i have covered his first 6 years or so.
I totally hear you about feeling like packing it in sometimes. I think we must all go through that as parents of an adhd child.

Loving reading your story Angel, the bits about the nurses not believing you struck home right away LOL. Our kids are just unbelievable :D

I know I'm not a adult but I just want you to know that it kinda hurts me when you say things like parents struggle with ADHD kids and even posting how to deal with them acting like we are soo different from every other kid. Sorry but i guess it could help parents who acutally have children like that.
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