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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Family and ADHD

As this is my 2nd blog, I'm just trying out the different templates and colours etc to see which one we like best. Kyle (8) chose this one, so we'll see how it looks.

I have 4 children. Chris is the "almost" unruly teenager, at 15 he's probably the most sensible kid I've ever met in my whole life. Chris is in full-time school, and next year (September) he will be starting on his GCSEs.

Kelsey is 12, born on Halloween she's our own "personal little witch", a nickname that's stuck with her since birth.. LOL. Kelsey started high school this year, and apart from a few incidents where she was getting bullied, she is really enjoying school. Then again, she always did love school. Don't think I've ever met another kid who cries if she's ever unable to go for some reason...

Kyle is 8, he's recently been diagnosed with ADHD after a long, hard fight to even get him seen by a specialist. Thankfully we now know what we're working with, and we can stop banging our heads against the wall. Kyle can be a handfull at times, but he's our "Star". When he smiles, the whole world lights up, and people can't help joining in on the smiles.

Then there's Courtney, our "baby". She's almost 5, and in fulltime school and loving it. It's long days for such a young kid, and she can be testy at times, but she's an angel really.... hahaha, well at least she is when she's not copying everything Kyle does. Courtney ADORES Kyle, and looks on him as her idol.

And then there's me, the one responsible for holding it all together. It can be difficult at times, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I find there's constantly something new to learn about kids, even after having 4 of them. It's a never-ending story, and I'm loving it.

The things they say, the things they do, it all still amazes me as much now as it did when I first had Chris. I love how they're all the same yet so different. Life is good! :~D


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