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Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Numbers in London Blasts

Sky news just reported that there are at least 40-45 dead, and upto 1000 injured. Plus the ca.150 seriously injured.

23 dead at Kings Cross, 9 at Edgeware , 7 at Aldgate and 2 at Russel Square.

Of these the numbers at St. Mary's right now were said to be 36 casualties, where 6 are critical and 17 are serious.

My mother just called me, still no news about my cousin. People are having a hard time trying to get in touch with loved ones due to the mobile networks and landlines being down.

I was watching Fox News Live, they reported that the americans are stepping up their security again. Seems they have the same idea as a lot of other people, that the terrible incidents in London may have only been a warning. Let's hope they are wrong!


Anna...I posted to my people as soon as I heard, and my prayers go with you, that these infidel dogs (I don't care who they are with, it still applies) meet swift and feared justice for leaving such large holes in the world...

Francis Carmody
Thank you so much for your support Francis. You are of the exact same mindset as me.
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