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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coping with ADHD: Patience is a virtue...

Patience and concentration are 2 things that Kyle has huge problems with due to his ADHD. It hard to find things that can hold on to his interest for longer than 5 minutes, but here's one thing he loves doing:

Mini Worm Farm:

Get a large clear plastic container, some soil, leaves, a little sand, and some bits of vegetables to create the farm. Dig up some earthworms. Fill the container with loose layers of soil and sand, beginning with soil and alternating the layers. Make the soil layers about 4x the size of the sand layers. Also make sure the top layer is soil. 4 or 5 layers should be enough. Drop some small bits of vegetables and leaves on top, and then put the worms in.

Add a lid of some sort, making sure it has air holes. Put the newly created worm farm in a cool dark place for a few days. The worms will tunnel down through the layers, and the kids can see just how good they are at churning up the soil. Please remember to let the worms go when the kids have finished with them.


when damien starts telling me he's bored- or he starts getting impatient with something- we head for the kitchen. either bake or do something with chocolate!
i hide (read: lock) it all away until the occasion calls for it then i suprise him.
LOL angel! Chocolate??!! Are you crazy?? Kyle goes off the wall when he gets chocolate. Ok, so I'm too soft and let him have chocolate every now and again, but OMG do I ever pay for it! LOL
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