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Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Star Kyle. (Life with ADHD) Part Two

Kyle was a great “escape artist” and could get out of anything. Windows, locked doors, you name it. We’d turn our heads away for 5 minutes and he was gone. Pretty scary when an 8 month old is walking in the middle of a road, believe me.

He was an early walker and talker. Was constantly babbling on and running around. The only thing was, he STILL wanted to do things he wasn’t physically ready for, and that was the hardest part for us all to deal with. He’d continue getting frustrated, but now he’d bite and throw more stuff around.

Poor Chris and Kelsey were always getting bruised by him. But they handled it well, and loved Kyle to pieces.

Kyle was constantly active, seemed like he just COULDN’T sit still, no matter what.

We moved to Wales when Kyle was 2 and a half. I enrolled him in nursery, thinking that it might help wear him out. I was wrong. It just got him more frustrated, he didn’t get on very well with the other kids and after 4 months I took him out again.

We started to settle down in Wales, and got used to not being able to have anything nice in the house. Any nice furniture we had got wrecked within a couple of months, carpets that were in the house when we moved in had to be taken up due to him still making cakes.

When Kyle was 3 and a half, I had Courtney. Kyle was always very protective of Courtney, and she idolised him right from the start. Unfortunately this meant that she’d copy everything he did. People used to say “How can you cope with such naughty children?” and “Why do you let your kids run riot like that?”

Trying to explain to them was mostly like talking to a brick wall. Kyle was hyperactive, I knew that much, and Courtney liked to copy, and that was all there was to it. Or so I thought...


ah me... so many memories! damien sat at 5 months, pulled himself up on the furniture by 7 months and walked just before he was 9 months old... and also an escape artist of note!
i'm so enjoying this!
I really appreciate the blog since the first time do I saw it. Now they have reached another milestone which lead us to report about it, and I think it's a great new... as the content of the text.
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