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Sunday, July 23, 2006

School's Out! Kids Are Leaving.

Gosh, doesn't time fly by sometimes? Seems it was only a month ago it was christmas and yet the summer holidays have already started!

This year is going to be different to any other year I've had with the kids, because they're all going to visit their nan in France for 3 weeks on Tuesday.

I say 3 weeks, Kelsey, Kyle and Courtney are coming back then, but Chris and his best mate Vince are staying for 5 weeks. They get back about a week before they start college.

Chris is in a depression again and back on prozac, it is helping him lots and at least he sees that it's helping him this time. (Seems depression runs in the family here).

Kyle is getting better on Concerta, calming down a bit and not as aggressive as he normally is. He's still not sleeping much, but we can handle that when we don't have as many 'tantrums' to deal with.

Courtney, bless her, is already bored and counting the days until her 6th birthday which is the day after they start back at school LOL

Kelsey is having a blast with her friends and really making the most of the weather with trips to the beach and riding around on her bike etc. She's going to miss them lots while she's in France, but her school report says she's making fantastic practical use of her visits to France, so that's a good thing, right? ;)

Summer Is Here! Keep The Kids Happy And Occupied!

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