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Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Visit From The LEA

Today we had a visit from the Local Education Authority. They came to see how Kyle is getting on with his home education... Finally!

They were here last year, after Kyle had been home educated for a year and a half and said they'd b back in 6 months time. I've called them on multiple occassions but never heard back from them until today, a whole YEAR after their first visit!

Anyway, they're happy with the education I'm providing, and reckon I'm an extremely patient woman. (Kyle showed them exactly how bad he can be LOL).

I've asked them for info on getting a laptop for Kyle, cos even now at the age of 9, he STILL won't write, no matter what. Funnily enough, he works fine on a pc....

They told me to email them and ask for a referral to the Behavioural Department. That means getting the B.D. to come out and check up on Kyle to see if they agree that a laptop will do him good. Fingers crossed that they'll come out soon and decide that a laptop is something he needs, as then I'll get it funded instead of having to pay for one myself.

Home education gets really expensive when you have to buy in all sorts of things constantly, so it would really help us if we could get that funded by the government.

Wish us luck!

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