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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Concerta: Good And Bad

This Tuesday gone we started using Concerta and OMG! what a difference!! I've seen good points and bad points so far, but the good definitely out-weighs the bad.

Well it's been less than a week, but so far the bad points have been

1. He sleeps less
2. He's a lot more 'jumpy' than before, gets a fright easily etc.
3. He doesn't eat much during the day

Just some of the good points:

1. He can concentrate much better on things
2. He can play out with friends without major tantrums and fights and without smashing things up when someone says something he doesn't like
3. He's more loving
4. He's showing some compassion
5. He's MUCH much happier

Kyle never has slept much, but we were at the stage where we could put him to bed at 9 and he'd be sleeping by 11, then getting up at around 5-5.30.

Right now, and I hope it's only temporary, he doesn't sleep until 1-2am, then he's up again at 5. It's more like the way he was before Ritalin, only then he would sleep an hour longer LOL

It's really not too bad though, as before we used to always have to watch him, and if he was awake we HAD to be awake as he got bored easily and would trash the house, or empty the fridge contents into a nice pile on the floor, flood the bathroom etc.

This past week when he can't sleep at night and when he wakes up early in the morning he sits quietly and watches tv for a while and actually comes and tells us when he's getting bored.

This is a MAJOR change and it's making things so much easier.


Summer Is Here! Keep The Kids Happy And Occupied!

damien switched to concerta at the beginning of last december, and its worked quite well for us. his eating habits are about the same as they were on the ritalin- he eats very little for a few days and then eats like a horse for a week- but he does seem to be sleeping less... his bed time is 9, but he's often awake till 11. thats a problem because he has to be awake at 6. since the beginning of august we've supplemented his school dose with a 10mg ritalin because the concerta works in three stages, the morning one being the "weaker" one (for lack of a better word) and its made a difference at school.
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