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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

By The Riverside

Today was a good day. Kelsey, Kyle and me took 2 of the dogs, Taz and Missy, for a nice long walk for a couple of hours. We walked up to St. Dogmaels from Cardigan to go look at the old abbey ruins. It's always been one of our favourite places. I was kicking myself because I'd forgotten to take my digital camera with me.

After hanging out at the abbey for a while, we walked through the woodlands to get to the river that flows from there back through to Cardigan. Kelsey then piped up "MUM! I just remembered, the phone you bought me yesterday has a camera on it! We can take pictures with that!" No sooner was it said than done, and here are 2 of the pics we took:

They turned out pretty good considering we'd never tried to take pics with a mobile phone before, don't you think?

We did take a few more, but I was in a rush, so this is all you get to see for now ;~)

We spent a good few hours out walking in the sunshine today, so as you can tell we are definitely making the most of the summer weather this year :~)


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