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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy Summer Days

Chris finally got out of bed, and we finally found the keys. We spent a little time in the back garden and now the 2 big uns are watching the 2 little uns riding their bikes out in the front street. It's so nice to live in a quiet area. Definitely makes life easier when the kids can actually go out and not have to worry about cars and such-like constantly.

We took a couple of pictures in the back garden. The weather is just glorious :~D

This first pic is of Chris and his best friend (my Alsatian) Belle.

In this picture Courtney has found an ants nest that was uncovered by "somebodys" small feet kicking a couple of stones off the border.. LOL

Here are my 2 angels, Courtney and Kyle. Seriously, wherever Kyle is, Courtney is never far behind and she's forever copying everything he does. Sometimes that's a good thing, most times it isn't ;~)

In this pic, Kelsey is trying to get Courtney to let HER use the slide. Of course, Courtney promptly tells her she's too big... hehehe.

After sliding down, Courtney says "Mum, I'm glad you don't cut the grass in this bit of the garden, if you did I would probably hurt my bum!"

Here Kyle tests out his photography skills. Actually not a bad pic, don't you think?

Well, that's all for now. Gotta get these kids ready to go to their nans, and then I'm REALLY going to enjoy the sunshine. I'll probably sleep in the back garden and get burnt to a crisp, but sun is sun and we don't get enough of it here. Best to make the most of it while we've got the chance.


Kyle is going to have to carry a stick around with him to keep the girls away.
Hello Anna,

Gorgeous photos you have there.

It is great to see your family is coping so well. Thanks again for your perspective.

Warmest regards,
Hoe Bing
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