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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Touch Of Normality

It hasn't been the greatest day of the year, but things are calming down a little bit now. The children in the schools around the area of the bombings are being kept in school until they can be taken home safely or until their parents/carers can get to the schools to be with them.

The police are asking people to NOT go into London tonight at all, so that they can try to get things back to some kind of normailty. Buses and trains have started running again, although some are still suspended.

Here at home it's been quite difficult explaining to Kyle what's been happening. He's seen it all as he's home educated and was watching TV with us today, but he doesn't quite "get it". Actually, I'm quite grateful for that, he's way too young to have to worry about things like this.

The older kids came home from school and Chris immediately called his nan, just as I suspected he would, to make sure she was ok. He knew she'd be worried about my cousin, so he had to call her and discuss what has been happening all day.

Unfortunately, we still haven't had any news of my cousin, so my mother and my aunt are walking around as if they're on hot coals. Hopefully now that things are calming down it shouldn't be too long before there's some good news to report.

I've had tons of emails from people wishing us all well and sending prayers and thoughts to our family. I really appreciate everybodys thoughts. Thank you.


Hi Blogger,

Awesome post!
Hi Blogger,

Sounds great.
Hi Blogger,

I've seen this post before but important things are always worth reminding. After all, repetition is the mother of learning.
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