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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The first week of the holidays

Thank goodness the bad weather from the weekend has gone. Strange how we always seem to have a couple of brilliant weeks just before the start of the holidays, yet the first few days of the holidays are always rainy... LOL

The kids are loving long lie-ins in the mornings and staying up late at night. I must admit, I'm enjoying that too ;~)

Chris is being great with Courtney for me, taking her to the Wildlife Park for walks and to the play park to go on the swings and slides. Wearing her out totally, which frees up some time for me.

Kelsey is helping around the house, she knows she has to if she wants to go swimming.. hehehe

The public swimming pool here lets the kids in free during the summer holidays, so that's a good deal, and makes our summer just that little bit cheaper.

Kyle is at his nans, earning money for new PS2 and Nintendo games. He "helps" her around the house, and she gives him his pocket money. He isn't aware that she'd give him the money even if he didn't help her LOL.


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