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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ADHD Can Make You Strong

What a day it's been! I had to go to hospital for an endescopy and was really panicking about it. I'm such a baby when it comes to things like that, foreign objects have no place in my mouth in my opinion so throat spray was out of the question and needles terrify me. I knew I would probably end up being sedated so sorted out a babysitter for Kyle and got myself ready to go.

Of course, I forgot how bad Kyle can be without meds, which resulted in me not being able to leave him with the babysitter after all.

Instead he had to come with us to hospital, and we all know how boring hospitals can be right? Well, my fiance and Kyle stayed in the kids waiting room whilst I went to the endescopy unit. Unfortunately a 2.45pm appointment (or any appointment for that matter) just doesn't happen on time.

I'd psyched myself up ready for the sedation but after an hour of waiting I just knew there was no way on earth I could go for that option and hope that my fiance, Hugh, would still be sane by the time I was ready to go home.

What happened? I got brave and managed with the throat spray! I never imagined I would, and now I have a new-found faith in myself. I AM much stronger than I thought I was. Woohoo!!

I'm glad I managed it cos by the time I eventually got out of there Kyle was bored out of his brain and Hugh was tearing at his own hair LOL, luckily enough he was still sane ;)


Hi Anna

Great blog... :~)

I hope the news from your endoscopy was good.

Kyle is definately a special and talented little boy!

Much love

Thanks Shirl.

The endoscopy showed everything as 'normal' which is good, 'cept it means I have to wait for an appointment for a colonoscopy eeeeew!! LOL

Yeah, Kyle is my star, and there's no-one quite like him ;)

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