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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Company Helps The Time Go By

And yet another lovely day is drawing to an end. It's bedtime for the kids here, and they've been out all day again so both Kyle and Courtney should sleep extremely well. Especially as my friend brought 5 of her 6 kids up to play with them.

Of course, the older ones were out and about in town. Mostly window shopping with 'wishlists' as long as your arm by the time they got back hahahaha.

The days can get long at times, especially for Kyle as he loses interest in so many things so quickly. It was great to have my friends kids here today though, really helped him having tons of things to think about to stop him getting bored.

He doesn't usually mingle too well with 'groups' but we've hung around almost daily with Marian and her kids for the past 2 years and he finally seems to be getting the hang of it :)

Today we took a leaf out of my own book (quite literally from this one: 32 Ways To Keep The Kids Occupied) and organised a 'Treasure Hunt' which was fun for all of us and actually kept us all happy and busy for a while.

We didn't really do much else, but we let them play ball, and splash about in the pool a bit. Oh yeah, and they ran around the garden like a bunch of madmen for a while hahahahaha. I'll be willing to bet it's not just my own kids who are tired tonight ;~)

Took a couple of pics again, this time when they were being Ninjas and Swordsmen etc. Amazing imaginations these kids have, they didn't even have any 'weapons' or anything to play with. Quite thankfully too, as rough as they played I can imagine with anything in their hands they could have possibly done each other some damage LOL.

Here's Kyle, Simon and Adam playing Ninjas. Look at their stances! Something tells me they watch too much tv or play too many console games LOL.

How do you get kids to be quite on hot, sunny days? That's right, feed em ice lollies :~D

Oh yeah, and it works just as well on grown ups too :~D

I do have a few more good pics of the boys playing, but I need to edit them for size etc before I can upload them to the blog. Will see if I can get round to doing that some day soon. Right now I'm off to sit with a well-deserved cuppa!


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