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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

School's out! Beat the Boredom

School's out! Beat the Boredom
By Anna-Marie Stewart

It's every kids dream. School is finally out for the summer. They can do whatever they want now. Get up late, play on games consoles lots, go out on their bikes, hang around with their friends or maybe even go abroad for a week or 2.

Unfortunately after the initial first couple of weeks, time tends to start dragging for the kids and they start to get bored. Bored kids often lead to irate parents and bad feelings all round with everybody ultimately wishing for the holidays to end.

There are lots of things you can do to help beat the boredom and enjoy the holidays with your kids. One of our favourites (I have 4 kids) is nature walks.

Nature walks are one of the most inexpensive boredom busters ever created. All you need is energy and wide-open eyes. Of course, you can make the whole walk a lot more interesting by having something specific to look for.

Luckily for townsfolk and city people, nature isn’t just about being out in the country. Wherever there are trees, there’s going to be birds. Where there’s grass growing, flowers and weeds grow etc.

Borrow a book about wild flowers, birds or animals from your local library and refer to it every time the kids see something of interest. Take along a notepad and pencil for each of the kids to write down what they saw on the walk.

Take along a camera ready for any fun or special moments and snap away. If you have a digital camera take that instead. When you get home teach the kids how to upload the pictures and get a free blog account at http://www.blogger.com where they can then keep an online journal of their summer activities.

Don't worry if the weather is bad, kids actually tend to enjoy themselves more in bad weather than when it's too hot. Just get out there and do it!

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