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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Counting the days...

Time has gone so slowly for me without the kids here. It's been good though, I've had time to spend on myself and Hugh, and also time to write another ebook. I haven't been feeling too good lately, so the break is really what I needed. but Oh My God! It's SO quiet and boring without them! Thank god 3 of them come home on Tuesday. LOL, I can picture it now, they'll all be SO happy to be home, they'll give me hugs and kisses, they'll chatter non-stop about the holiday, they'll have food, they'll settle down to watch tv and then BAM! They'll start to quibble and wind each other up. Hahahaha, kids are just great, eh?

Actually, I was sitting re-reading the article about Schools and Education that I posted here previously. The author is right. School IS too old fashioned and stuck in it's ways. At least it is here in the UK, I think possibly even more so than over in the USA. School here still goes by a lot of the old Victorian rules and principles (apart from now they're not allowed to hit the kids).

Although it's hard work for me to home educate Kyle, and it means putting my own things on the shelf (as discussed in comments with 'angel'), it's what I CHOOSE to do. Heck, these kids are going to be looking after us in our old age, don't they deserve the best we can do for them now?

Oh, by the way, I've also started a new blog. One where I'll be writing more about parenting rather than about living with ADHD. Nothing much there yet, just one or 2 posts, but feel free to check it out: http://real-life-parenting.blogspot.com/ and if YOU have a blog related to parenting, drop me a line and I'll add your link to mine ;)


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