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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Sleepless Night

God, am I tired or what??

I'm a night owl and don't go to bed until around 2-3am normally. Ever since I had Kyle I've never been able to go to bed early, or even stay in bed long for that matter, always had to keep an eye on what he's doing.

Anyway, I knew there was no way I could risk sleeping last night after finally getting ALL the kids (including Chris' best mate) around 11pm. If I had, I just wouldn't have gotten up in time for their taxi picking them up at 5.30am this morning.

So instead, I sat working on my website and my new salespage for an ebook I'm in the middle of writing. Hugh (my fiance) sat and watched TV and chatted about anything and everything just to make sure he stayed awake with me to keep me company. Gotta love him! :~D

We sat up ALL night, and thank goodness we did, cos the taxi turned up 30 minutes early! LOL

Poor kids were still in bed so it was a matter of 'Get up, get dressed, get GONE!' hahahaha.

Oh well, saved a lot of the normal morning tantrums and yelling and everything and after they left we went to sleep for a couple of hours. It was heaven, lemme tell ya!

So that's it then, they've gone to France and are gonna be gone for the next 3 weeks...

What to do with the time, eh?


what on earth are you going to do with yourself for three weeks!?!
LOL, hiya. Well apart from being bored I created a brand new ebook and just finished it now http://annamarketing.com/int2.htm

I had to do SOMETHING to cure the boredom!! LOL

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