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Monday, July 24, 2006

Tablets, Tablets Everywhere!

Man, I swear you'd think we were all a bunch of junkies in this house LOL

I had to go to the docs today to get repeat prescriptions before the kids go on holiday tomorrow.

Bad enough I had to get Prozac for Chris and Concerta for Kyle, but I'd also run out of ALL of my tablets that I'm on for my belly troubles.

It's quite embarrassing to go in to the chemists to pick up 5 different types of tablets at once (yep, I take no less than 3 kinds of tablets for this stupid belly of mine) LOL.

I did get an appointment at hospital for my colonoscopy for next month, only they gave me the appointment in a hospital that I can't get to hahahaha. Had to get that changed to a closer hospital (one that's only 2 hours away instead), but unfortunately that's going to take another 3 months at least.

Gotta love the NHS :D

Aww, can't complain though, at least we get that stuff free, not like our American friends who have to pay for EVERYTHING health related. That must surely suck!

Anyway, got some web-work to do and a bit more packing for the kids and THEN I have to try to get them to bed early (it's already 7.15pm) so they're awake when the taxi comes to pick them up at 5.30am in the morning.

Wish me luck!


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