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Monday, July 11, 2005

Something Fun

With Kyle having such a short attention and concentration span, I'm constantly thinking up new things to try to keep him occupied. I know that if I don't then every bit of shampoo and bubble bath tends to disappear, or kitchens get flooded, or worse still, he wanders off.

One of the things we have been doing this summer is making (and playing with) "ribbon sticks". Out of all the things we've come up with, this one really seems to grab his attention and he'll play for AGES. You might find it worth trying sometime.

Ribbon Sticks

For this you need nothing more than some strips of wide ribbon and some bamboo sticks. A few 4ft sticks will do. Snap them in half and tie a length of ribbon to one end. Make the ribbon length no longer than what the kids can handle.

Let the kids loose with the sticks and tell them to try to make shapes, circles, and snakes etc just like the gymnasts do on T.V.


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