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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Be Good To You, You Deserve It!

It's never easy dealing with ADHD, and it's not always possible to get some time to yourself. I know I had a helluva time before the older kids were old enough to cope with Kyle for an hour without me.

The times I yearned for just an hour to myself, for a bath, or to read or just to totally vegetate!

My mother lived far away from me, I had no other relatives or even close friends and I was a single parent. Times got really hard and totally frustrating. I even ended up with major depression problems myself but had to keep going, for the kids' sake.

Life became so much easier for me when we finally got closer to my mother and I could send Kyle to her place for a whole weekend every month. And then when the eldest started being able to handle him (sometimes) it got even easier.

I've been really lucky in finding myself a fantastic man (my fiance Hugh) who takes care of all the kids as if they were his own and now I get lots of time to myself compared to before. God knows I need it due to all the belly troubles I've been having.

Kyle being on Concerta now has made it even easier for people to be able to cope with his ADHD, although it's still not controlled enough to let him stay with my friends or anywhere apart from here at home or with his Gran where he feels most comfortable.

Of course, with his Gran now living in France, the visits will be few and far between.

The point in all this ramblng is: Do everything you can to get some time out for yourself as a parent dealing with ADHD. You need it. Recharge your batteries as often as you get the chance, even if it means sitting on the loo for an hour in total peace when the kids are sleeping. (Yes, I've done that too LOL).

Taking time out will help you to focus and concentrate and will ease a lot of frustrations. Be Good To You, You Deserve It!


my new "thing" a long hot bubble bath with a disc-man & earphones!
a fellow adhder mom suggested it to me!
Oh God Yeah!

I'd almost forgotten what hot baths with bubbles in WERE until the older 2 got to be old enough that they could 'safely' keep an eye on Kyle for me LOL. Talk about being in heaven!!

I really appreciate the blog since the first time do I saw it. Now they have reached another milestone which lead us to report about it, and I think it's a great new... as the content of the text.
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